Frequently Asked Questions…

Why would I want to do a resale or consignment sale for my school?

Well established resales or consignment sales can be very profitable. Some schools that we work with can net over $10,000 at one sale…that will bring a lot of services to the classrooms!

Is there a difference between a “resale” and “consignment” sale? What does that mean?

For this purpose, these words are interchangeable. For school resales/consignment sales, you ask people (parents, grandparents, community members) to sign up to be sellers. Think of a huge garage sale within one space with hundreds of lots andlots of items! The sellers agree to your split rate (i.e., 60% for the seller/40% for your school or…whatever your committee decides the split rate should be). Sellers price their own items, tags them and drops them off at your site. Volunteers arrange them at your site by category (books; puzzles, educational games; 0-3 items; etc.). The sale is open to the public and runs for as many days as you wish and with the option of having a half-price sale. Your hand-picked volunteers take care of checking out shoppers and collecting the money. After the sale, you divide the money collected and pay sellers according to your split rate. This is a great way for your school to raise funds!

That sounds like a lot of work…is it worth it?

Absolutely! We run one of these sales so we’re not sugar coating this! Honestly is there any fundraising that isn’t a lot of work? This fundraiser stands out because you’re not asking parents to sell something…there’s no order form going home begging parents or grandparents to buy more stuff. Resales actual help families with something that all of us struggle with…TOO MUCH STUFF! Toys and clothes pile up and kids outgrow them so quickly. Instead of parents running to Goodwill or Savers to donate items, recycle them through your school…the sellers make money without having to host a garage sale and your school raises needed funds! It’s a win-win! And it teaches your children about repurposing items…so many items kids get bored with still have so much use to them. This teaches them a valuable lesson about money, recycling and helping someone else benefit from them. Plus, they make some money too. Just think about it…this is a huge, mostly untapped opportunity…but big business out there for many! Tap into this for your school.

What kind of timeline do you need for this event?

If you host a one day sale on a Saturday, you’d have sellers dropping off items on Thursday night and Friday during the day, a pre-sale for volunteers (big perk to getting volunteers is that they get first dibs) on Friday night and then the sale on Saturday morning, clean up Saturday late afternoon and seller checks/unsold item pick up on Sunday.

But honestly, how many people do you need to really run this?

It will take a solid core group of a few individuals, (2, 3 or 4), who can work really well together to chair this event. You’ll especially need backing of your executive board and your school administration…especially if hosting the sale at your school. Volunteers…about15-20 during seller drop off and sorting and 20-25 for the actual sale. Not necessarily all at once, think of this in different, overlapping shifts. Shifts of 2 or 4 hours usually work well but know there will be a few who need to divide up their shifts into smaller or bigger hours. As a rule, cashiers should only be trusted, math savvy, individuals who are part of your board. We usually enlist the help of our treasurer and another board member to handle money. It’s just smart thinking because a lot of cash is going to be handled in a short time frame. Assigning a “bouncer” to watch doors is a good idea too.

That’s A LOT of volunteers?? We don’t have great luck with getting volunteers? Any suggestions?

This won’t be as hard as you think! Many sales make it mandatory for sellers to volunteer a certain number of hours (usually 2-4 hours) in order to sell. Some sales will even have a hefty penalty for not showing up for your shift…one sale will change your split rate to 20/80% to discourage people from thinking they can sign up but not show up. It’s not a huge issue but can be. One great thing about resales is that most of your volunteers will come from outside your group of regular volunteers. So it’s important to allow anyone to volunteer at the sale…think of it as free advertising! Many people will sign up to volunteer just so they can shop the pre-sale the night before the actual sale.

So why should I use Can we just do this with calculators and paper?

There are many, many benefits for going digital. Here’s why we think you should use our site:
  • Simple online set up.
    This sale is personalize for your school. By going through our step by step process, your sale will be exactly what you’d like with the ability to edit any piece. There are default settings for each category if you’re just not sure what to pick. Even payment is all online!
  • Online registration for seller AND volunteers.
    Sellers will also have an easy time using our software to enter items.
  • IT’S LIVE!
    Sellers want to know what sold…they can check during the sale. Other software needs to shut down their system and wait until the list is downloaded after the sale to let you know just how well you did!
  • Lots of assistance with questions.
    It’s our benefit to help your sale be successful! We want to be a resource! Just ask.
  • Reduces human errors.
    The software will do all the math for you without having to second guess.
  • Clear, readable labels.
    No trying to figure out anyone’s handwriting.
  • Organizes your sale for you.
    You’ll know what’s coming to your sale as sellers enter items which is a huge help especially with large items! There’s no guessing…it’s all there! And it divides it by category for you.
  • Items get checked in at seller drop off!
    This is a huge benefit! There will be no question of what the seller is bringing to your sale. It’s checked-in with the software and then locked down so no edits are allowed.
  • All transactions are done over your phone! Seriously.
    There’s no need to “create a network” of laptops at your sale, no scanners to purchase, no need for a printer. It’s all done through QR codes and cellphones. And no, you won’t be using tons of someone’s data plan. It’s a free app download for apple or android phones.
  • And save a tree!
    Receipts are emailed to buyers which also creates a future email list for your next sale!
  • What else?? Marketing!!!
    Yup! You read that right! With your purchase, we will help you advertise your sale…because no sale will be successful without buyers! So $199 will get your sale access to our software; your own online sale site; default agreements; flyer for your sale; listings on and on our Facebook page.
Interested? Questions? Contact us to set up your school resale today!