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The team at MySchoolResale prides ourselves on being the premier solution for seasonal school sales. Rather than trying to repurpose a retail product for stores into something that will work for schools, we’ve built MySchoolResale with schools and PTA/PTO/Home & School groups as the sole focus.

We understand that schools themselves are less interested in the fundraising activity than the parent-teacher groups, and that those groups are full of caring (but BUSY!) people. Nobody wants a lot of hassle, so we’ve built this product to have minimal learning curve and streamlined everywhere! As membership and leadership of your PTA/PTO/Home & School group changes, it is easy to transfer ownership of a sale for subsequent events, and the already simple setup goes even faster.

Often schools, especially public ones, aren’t amenable to things like software installs on school systems, or hooking up printers and scanners and other internet-enabled systems. MySchoolResale allows you to do it all on your personal phone, with minimal data transfer.

We go even farther for you, using our expertise to help you and your school have their best sales ever. We have simple “getting started” guides, tips for working with school administration, schedule suggestions, and more. Setup is a snap, providing category templates for sale themes based on what we’ve seen work in the past (of course, these are all customizable). We can even cross-promote your sale on our Facebook page, increasing your audience even more.