What is MySchoolResale?

MySchoolResale.com was developed by people who run a school seasonal resale. We know only too well the difficulties you can run into when trying to purchase other online resale software. Even with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, it was a daunting task to navigate the school district restrictions. No network access, nor could we load any software on their computers. We ended up creating our own network by using our own laptops, printers, bought scanners…lots of upfront costs that cut way into our profit!

We kept saying…“there has to be a better way!” There is…this is it! We created a whole new system.

So what makes MySchoolResale.com different? It’s all online and on your cell phone! You create your sale online; have sellers and volunteers sign up online; volunteers can also schedule their shifts online as well. Voila! It’s easy!

Sellers then go back and create their inventory of items and print tags for each of them. You’ll know what’s coming before anyone shows up.

Checking in items is our favorite feature. Each item that a seller brings in is scanned and locked for your inventory. Checkout is a breeze with our app. Volunteers will download the MySchoolResale free app for apple or android phones to use during the check out. Everything at the school runs on a phone. The app uses very little data (an entire sale will use less than a short youtube video).


No Need To Buy Any Equipment

For The Sale, Just Bring Your Android or iPhones.*Cellular internet access required


We will never provide your consignment sale data to any other consignment sale or third party

Online Entry

of Consigner Sale Items

Increased Speed and Accuracy

at Checkout and the End of Sale Reports.

Online Registration

of Consigners and Volunteers

Unlimited Printing

of Sale Tags with Scanner Coding

Easy End of Sale Close

Reports to allow you to quickly and easily close out your sale and pay everyone

Automated Email Messages

to Consigners, Volunteers, and Mailing Lists