Welcome to MySchoolResale – an innovative consignment software for your school fundraiser.

MySchoolResale wants to partner with your PTA/PTO/Home & School to have the best resale ever and raise the most money you can from your event!

We promise easy, custom set up for your sale; one flat fee per sale; no hidden costs or increases; no equipment to purchase; and help with promoting your sale!


MySchoolResale was built with schools and PTA/PTO/Home & School groups as the sole focus. MySchoolResale was created for our own school resale and we want to help your fundraising efforts too. Often school policies, especially public ones, don’t align with organizers’ expectations for a resale using competitor solutions. Before MySchoolResale came up with an innovative and reimagined process, this might have involved having software installed on computers, hooking up printers, scanners, and other internet-enabled devices on school systems to run a resale. MySchoolResale is a new solution that allows you to skip all the previously needed network infrastructure and hardware – all you need is a home computer to set up an online account and our smart phone app to run your sale.


Think of all the time and expense you’ll save running your sale partnered with MySchoolResale! Nobody wants a lot of hassle, so we’ve built MySchoolResale to have a minimal learning curve and be streamlined throughout. As membership and leadership of your PTA/PTO/Home & School group changes, it is easy to transfer ownership of a sale for subsequent events.


We’ve thought of it all! MySchoolResale provides simple “getting started” guides, tips for working with school administration, schedule suggestions, and more. Setup is a snap! MySchoolResale provides you with a simple questionnaire to set up your sales dates, online volunteer and consigner registration, unlimited tagging, and more. Check out our Pricing page for a more comprehensive listing of features offered!


Do the research and you’ll find our pricing can’t be beat! With no need to rent or buy computers, scanners, tags, and software you’ll not only be saving money upfront, but you don’t have to continue purchasing new equipment as it breaks and needs to be updated. MySchoolResale doesn’t ask for a portion of your sales or upsell you on anything. Don’t let the competition cut into your profits!


Purchasing MySchoolResale’s comprehensive product is easy. Everything is online and ready to use. Use PayPal to purchase MySchoolResale and start organizing and setting up your sale the very same day! Don’t waste any time! Start your fundraising efforts today!